Work Safe.  Others are depending on you.
GSC Construction, Inc.
2083 Heckle Street, Ste. 100
Augusta, GA  30904
(706) 736-1885 Phone
(706) 736-1994 Fax
GSC Construction offers preferential hiring for qualified individuals residing in a certified HUBZone area.  To check see if you live in a Certifed HUBZone, please use the link below to check your address.

  • Founded in 1995

  • Design / Build General Contractor located in beautiful Augusta, GA.

  • Successfully completed over 170 million dollars of QUALITY construction.

  • Unlimited General Contractor Licensed in Alabama, Georgia,
  South Carolina, and North Carolina.

  • OSHA and ACI Certified
  GSC believes in a “hands-on” management style.

  • LEED Certified, successfully completed over 100 million LEED Silver to Gold projects

  • Our projects are lead by industry-recognized construction Project Managers and Superintendents.

  • We balance Safety, Quality, and Productivity.

  • Committed to providing a safe and healthful work environment for all our employees and others that may work, visit, or enter our facilities.

  • We recognize that the success of a safety and health program is contingent and dependent upon support and involvement from management and all employees of the company.

  • Comply with all federal, state, and local safety and health regulations.
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NASA Building 4601
Marshall Space Flight Center, Alabama
Building 89 & 54
C17 & C5 Depaint Facility Renovation